"Hi, my name is Brinkley. I am a 9 year old male, golden retriever and my owners are Alex and Linda Posner of North Muskegon. When they say to me, "we are going to the doggie doctor", my tail wags until it nearly falls off and I leap gleefully into the car. I am not a big fan of car rides but when it comes to visiting the folks at Northside Veterinary Hospital, I cannot wait to get there. I am always greeted cheerfully and by name by the nice people at the front desk. The doctors take a lot of time with me when I visit and they are very patient with all the questions my owners ask of them. I would highly recommend Northside to any of my doggie friends who want to go to a really nice doctors' office. They will be treated well and their medical needs will be taken care of to the highest professional standards. Woof Woof!"

Love you guys,


"We have had a dog with urinary problems and Northside Veterinary Hospital was able to find the problemfast and got her on the right food that would help with the problem immediately. Any questions we had, were answered immediately and if I called in, Dr. Peterson called me back within a short period of time and worked with us through the long time this disease has been going on. Luckily with the Northside Veterinary Hospital staff helping and understanding what we are going through it has made it quite a bit easier for us. The staff is always helpful and smiling and happy to see our dogs which makes it a much happier experience for us.

Thank-you to all of the Northside Veterinary Hospital Staff for being so kind and helpful!"

M. and T. Damm


"36 years includes 8 cats and 8 dogs(not all at the same time) with the BEST vet clinic in Muskegon County...Northside Veterinary Hospital! I have been bringing my animals to this clinic for so many years because I trust every worker that works there! This office is like a family to me! I always feel so welcome when I come in and my animals are always treated so special! I walk in and everyone says, "Hello!" My animals are greeted by everyone and even those who work in back come out to get their "kisses and wags" too! I grew up with Dr. Tom Peterson treating my animals. What a wonderful Doctor! He knew our animals and he even got to know our family! Now Dr. Eric Peterson is my doctor of choice! (All of the doctors there are great, but I like to stick to one doctor who really gets to know all of us!) Dr. Eric, too, has become part of my animal family. Anytime I have to get in, no problem. Anytime I have a question one of the girls try to help or Dr. Eric calls me in between patients or at the end of the day. He listens and then tells me the best course of action for my animal(s). I also just love the fact that this clinic now is offering emergency care after hours, if they can treat the problem.

Two years ago, when gas prices were so high and because I live in Norton Shores (it takes me 20-25 minutes to get there), I decided to try another clinic. WRONG CHOICE!!! It wasn't but a month later that I switched back to my 'home'! I will NEVER go anywhere else!"



"We have been patients at Northside Vet our whole life. No matter how busy the office is, we are always warmly welcomed by Lisa and Karla. It's the only place we go where we get a treat for jumping on the  counter! Doctors Peterson, LaPointe and Fournier are extremely talented. They gently care for us and can diagnose our illnesses even when we can't tell them how we feel. We are very grateful for the added  afterhours service as we never seem to throw up during normal business hours. It is incredibly reassuring to know Northside Vet is just a short car ride away if necessary! When you're "sick as a dog", there's no better place to be than with friends at Northside Vet."

Tory and Iris Ackerman


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